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Kristoff vs Hans: Expressing Love

Hans: Now I’ve already mentioned that Hans is artificial. His love os not real. He probably always gets girls falling to his feet. Not to mention he’s handsome, he has manners, and is an excellent dancer.  However, the way he wins over Anna is, in someway, by force. Every action he does screams “I want you to like me, I’m going to get you to like me”. He’s just so flirty, and has it all planned out. He probably knows every pick up line, and romantic move in the book. He’s a charmer.

Kristoff:Kristoff, however, is a man who’s had barely an human contact, especially human contact with a girl. I wouldn’t expect him to know how to act around people. As you see in the beginning. He is rude, and annoyed, and very cranky. However, when he truly starts to fall for Anna, that’s when his true colors show. He doesn’t know exactly what to do, he’s just going with what he feels. This is what makes his actions so genuine. This is what Kristoff feels. He doesn’t want to make her fall for him. He just wants the best for her, and doesn’t even think about himself. He isn’t even attempting to flirt. He’s just trying to be himself.

So one of them is picture perfect, with every pick up line up his sleeve, and the other is clueless with love, but just follows what he feels.

Now, which guy seems more romantic to you?